About High Planes

High Planes was founded by Jonaca as a teaching platform to help others enlarge their spiritual life by focusing on teachings from A Course In Miracles and from The Urantia Book. Group meetings are offered each week. Participants say his style is intellectually stimulating, with a gift for unpacking the deeper meanings found at the intersection of philosophy, psychology and spirituality.

You are invited to put forth positive efforts to ascend from the purely ego plane of existence up through successive levels of increasingly intellectual meanings and higher spiritual values to the ultimate of mortal universe attainment.

Jonaca has a long history in teaching, starting with tutoring over 100 students, teaching the Dale Carnegie course, providing online instruction for thousands and facilitating group meetings in a variety of formats. Currently he teaches 250 sessions each year. Participants say his teaching style is intellectually stimulating, animated and dynamic, with a gift for unpacking deeper meanings. His journey with A Course in Miracles and The Urantia Book began at age 20. Now living in the Palm Beaches, he shares these inspiring messages with all who care to learn.

What People Are Saying About High Plane Miracles

“Continued gratitude for having this group, Higher Planes, available and for accepting me in. Phenomenal wealth of knowledge that I am trying to absorb. Quite astounding and this information is speaking to my being. I would say we are studying this course as if in a college course. I felt the need to move forward and found you and this is so much more intensive. Next level. Loving this education being imparted and received.” – A.W, Florida

I’m passing along some enthusiasm and appreciation for your work in the world. I am so looking forward to our days of learning and sharing together. High Planes is a true light in my light right now. Thank you. Hope you have had a meaningful week. 🕊☀️ J.C., Virginia

I’m understanding now that we really only teach ourselves. I see that the course has to explain this in steps, but ultimately everyone is a part of us, not separate, so as we remember -being- all parts of us remember, i.e., our brothers. I’ve been trying to teach instead of just being what I know to be true, this teaching the other parts of me/us. And really I’m/we aren’t doing anything but allowing. Thank you Jonaca for being there to receive my thoughts. You are very kind ♥️♥️♥️ S.R., Florida

I’m so happy to witness their soul being fed. Validating to be part of a miracle. The puzzle was brilliant. Thank you. I “saw” the son ship. Also helpful for me to see why I’m under such stress. I’m trying to see the whole picture of how this transition I’m in will all work out. If I could just see the picture on the front of the box I would be ok. This is why it is a faith Journey. We only get to see the whole picture when all the pieces are in place. Very confirming for me tonight. Thank you for living your gifts. I’m happy your puzzle piece is next to me. 😁 H.C., Florida

Ideas rule the world, they always have and always will. It is ideas that will, for better or worse, shape the destiny of mankind.