Principles of Miracles

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This Series is an Intermediate-level study of the Principles of Miracles, from Chapter 1 of the Textbook of A Course in Miracles.

To distinguish between different views of Miracle Principles:

  • the bounded view of ego, wants to “get it”, to limit an idea to a fixed and singular meaning, a little view, a definition, which is memorized, rigidly held in place, resisting change, defending it’s view, insisting on being right.
  • unbounded view of Holy Spirit, who extends and integrates ideas, frees them to encompass more and more, until they are seen in all people and situations.
Consciousness is correctly identified as the domain of the ego. The ego is a man-made attempt to perceive himself as he wished to be rather than as he is.

Recorded Video of this Series are HERE

Principles of Miracles Publications

Several publishers have released versions of A Course in Miracles; and the Principles in Chapter 1 vary in many ways. Without endorsing any one publisher, hyperlinks are provided below to several versions of those materials. This series will focus on the OE – Original Edition version. This choice is not intended as an endorsement, but rather because this version is available free online, and contains a good balance of the authors elaboration on the meaning of the Principles.

  • FIP, Combined Volumes, published by Foundation for Inner Peace. I. Principles
  • OE, Original Edition, published by Course in Miracles Society. I. Principles
  • Urtext, Urtext, published by Miracles in Action Press. Introduction
  • C&A, Complete and Annotated Edition, published by Circle of Atonement, available only by purchase.

Participants in this series are neither expected nor required to purchase new materials.